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- From Snow Delays to Snowmen:

What do you do with snow and a day off school? Build a Harrisburg Academy snowman http://www.nfljetsofficialstore.com/aut … ersey.html , of course!

During the recent snowy weather, Academy Upper School students had the opportunity to participate in "the snowman competition," developed by Lisa Nazar, Upper School math teacher. With the snowstorm looming, students were encouraged to take their possible day off to build a snowman featuring the Academy's "Circle H" logo.

Students were judged in four categories: Most Unusual, Best Use of Props, Best Use of the "Circle H", and Best Overall. To make things more interesting, "cool" prizes were offered, including a Subway meal delivered to your school lunch table.

The Academy's Upper School is, of course http://www.nfljetsofficialstore.com/aut … ersey.html , an excellent liberal arts education with a rigorous college preparatory course, but it's more than that. It's fun, too!

- A Blueprint for the Academy's Future:

In creating the model for our strategic planning, the administration made a few key decisions. First, we endeavored to engage our entire school community in the process. This approach allows all Academy community stakeholders, as well as friends of the Academy, to provide feedback. We also decided to shorten the strategic planning timeline from five years to just three. This allows the Academy to more quickly adapt and react to the rapidly changing educational world in which we function.

At the core of the strategic planning process is our Planning Committee, made up of trustees, parents, faculty, and administrators. This group attends each of the strategic planning meetings and engages in the many group conversations that generate a whole host of innovative ideas and suggestions.

Our first few strategic planning meetings have resulted in thought-provoking conversations and creative ideas. Each week the dynamics are different http://www.nfljetsofficialstore.com/aut … ersey.html , as new parents and community members join the discussion. By using one broad question each week, the meetings become our own Academy "think tank," as multiple groups wrestle with the same question but come up with radically different feedback. The five guiding questions used in our strategic planning model are as follows:

How do we achieve the long term enrollment goals at the Academy?
What internal improvements and partnerships with other organizations (including global ones) can be made to the academic, extracurricular, and co-curricular programs to provide an experience of excellence for our students? (April 24)

How does the Academy best demonstrate its value to parents, alumni, and the greater Harrisburg community? (April 30)

How does the Academy achieve the goals of our new Comprehensive Campaign and continue to build a culture of philanthropy? (May 15)

How does the Academy attract, cultivate, and retain its most talented faculty to achieve the mission of Harrisburg Academy and provide our students with the 21st century skills they need? (May 22)

Please join us for our two final conversations. Don't miss your chance to have your fingerprint on the blueprint for the Academy's future.

For more information, please visit our <"http:harrisburgacademy20140219from-snow-delays-to-snowmen">website. Have you ever noticed that some ballers seem to shine compared to other ballers? There are some special, dominate hoopers that just seem to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Are You one of them? Do fans come to watch you play? Or do they come to see one of your teammates? I just received an email from one of my special ballers that bought by Go Basketball Pro System and he had a very basic question? Rali http://www.nfljetsofficialstore.com/aut … ersey.html , what are the most essential skills All Star ballers master? And here is the answer.

Skill # 1:
All star ballers are different then most. Some are small, big, fast, slow, but when I say different, I mean they have mastered what the rest of the ballers have not. This is one of the most crucial steps you MUST take in order to dominate the court. Goal setting. I know it sounds basic, but believe me, its more effective then you think. Think about it for one second, how are you going to achieve something you do not have a goal for? When you set your goal, you have a reason for playing, a reason for practicing http://www.nfljetsofficialstore.com/aut … ersey.html , a reason for being. You have to know exactly what you want to accomplish, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Skill # 2: Defining a niche!
This is by far the most over looked aspect in basketball. A niche is what you do best, it is the one thing that you do great, the thing that separates you form the baller next to you. The One thing you can provide the team, and what the coach can count on you for. Without a niche, you have no identity on the court. If you look at all the kings in the NBA, you will easily discover their niche.
Steve Nash- passing
Ben Wallace- Rebounding
Dwayne Wade- attacking the basket
Mike Miller- Shooting
Kobe - Scoring
And the list goes on. Find a Niche and spend as much time working and improving it as much as possible.

Skill # 3:
Staying as low as possible. Basketball is a sport that should always be played from low to high, not high to low. The lower you are, the faster http://www.nfljetsofficialstore.com/aut … ersey.html , stronger, more balanced you will be. When you drive past someone on offense, you want to focus on getting your shoulder to where the defenders hips are. That is how low you should be on all you drives. There are certain things that separate the "wannabee ballers" form the All-Star studs that get all the fame and publicity. And make no mistake about it, theses are the keys to unlocking your true potential. Here are the other crucial 3 keys All-Star ballers master

Skill # 4: Practicing Less But accomplishing more!
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