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Land surveying http://www.packersnflofficialauthentic. … ersey.html , land surveying costs, property prices, and the relationship between these all important construction factors are absolutely critical to professionals in the construction industry.
An often overlooked but incredibly important aspect of construction is the surveying of the land where construction is to take place, the firm that performs the survey, and of course the surveyor costs that go along with it.
Land surveyor costs and applicable fees are for the most part market driven and the prices set by surveying firms are directly related to location, population, and other factors.
For example, a firm surveying a piece of land in a local rural area that is sparsely populated will charge less than an out of town firm that is surveying an area or construction site in the middle of a city.
The differences between the two that must be taken into consideration are many. In a rural area with a small population and local topographic consistency, it’s a much safer and productive environment for the surveying team to get the project done.
In a city or urban environment, where the local topographic landscape can literally change every one hundred feet, the constant traffic of automobiles, the foot traffic of people going about their daily activities, and even law enforcement officials can and do hinder the setup and project time of the surveyors and their team, all of which will add to the land surveyors fees and the cost of the project as a whole.
Land Surveyor Costs And Their Relationship To Property Prices
Land surveying costs and their relationship to property prices are dependent upon many different factors that contribute to the overall project being planned.
There are different types of land surveys that may be conducted and regardless of the survey taking place or the firm providing the service, the process starts with documentation http://www.packersnflofficialauthentic. … ersey.html , records searches, and the overall history of the land or existing buildings.
Mortgage companies sometimes require a survey of a property before issuing a mortgage and municipalities may require a land survey for property tax purposes or to settle property boundary disputes between adjoining land owners.
When property is surveyed, tax rates may be increased if it is found the property frontage is larger than originally assessed in the past.
Land surveying is also an important part of property upgrades and additions. It is important to make sure that the new construction is in fact within the boundaries of the property in question and does not extend over a neighbor’s property line.
And of course with any addition to an existing property, the property value increases, and along with an increased home value comes an increase in property taxes.
The only way to accurately calculate land value and to insure accurate property prices is with a proper survey.
Land Surveying Best Practices
If you choose to have a survey of your property or you are required by your local municipality to have a topographic land survey performed, there are many firms that can perform the survey, but as in any industry, the customer service and quality of work will vary depending upon the service provider.
Bear in mind that all professional land surveying companies must be licensed and are all held to the same standards as far as documentation, equipment, and record keeping.
Whenever possible, always deal with locally based surveying firms and do a little research ahead of time to choose the most reasonably priced and reputable company.
Being a market driven service, costs will vary from state to state and even county to county. A reputable and reliable local surveying firm can easily be found online.
Be advised that if you choose to voluntarily have your property surveyed, it may bring about a raise of your property tax bill as the updated survey record will be recorded with the county or municipality vital statistics office. Any discrepancy in favor of a larger property frontage will result in an increase in property taxes.
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