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the foods that might trigger acne?

Foods that cause acne are usually foods that can increase blood sugar and then can trigger increased insulin. Increased insulin can usually trigger hormones that are useful to produce oil until it can cause acne. So, what are the foods related to the cause of this acne?

As we all know, all women certainly do not want facial skin overgrown with acne. However, acne often comes suddenly. Actually there are many factors that cause the appearance of acne. One of them is the food factor. Therefore let's know together what foods that cause acne.

Acne is a skin disease that can appear around the back, chest, and face. Acne levels can range from mild to severe levels such as spots containing pus. Generally acne appears due to changes in hormone levels. But there are also most foods that can cause acne.

Foods That Cause Acne

Above has been mentioned that food can also make acne growing in the face. Therefore, so you do not choose the wrong foods, here we give some foods that you should avoid in order not to cause acne.

Potato chips turned out to have a high enough glycemic index and can trigger increased insulin in the body. Actually it's not just potato chips, but fries and bread also have a fairly high glycemic index. Better, you do not consume this food excessively.

Foods That Lead To A Second Acne - Chili

Are you a spicy food lover? If you are a lover of spicy food, you better start reducing the consumption of foods that contain chili. Chili or spicy foods are foods that can cause acne.

So, should we really avoid spicy foods? Actually not really avoid the food smells spicy, but more reduce spicy food.
Foods Causes Of Acne Third - Foods Processed Milk

Maybe you do not think if processed dairy foods become the cause of acne. Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and various foods derived from processed milk of other cows. Although cow's milk is rich in calcium, milk can cause acne when consumed in excess. Hormones in it can cause oil glands continue to experience growth to trigger acne growth.
Foods That Cause Acne - Cakes And Sodas

Foods high in sugar content such as sweet cakes, sugar, fruit juices mixed with sugar and milk can cause acne. This is due to the high glucose content that can trigger insulin and cause acne.

Actually, in addition to these foods there are various other things that can be a trigger cause of acne examples such as hormones, stress and consume certain drugs.

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