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Both the young and old will enjoy

The upfront costs of installing a wind power system on your property can be high. It's important Fernando Torres Jersey , in order to recoup your costs in an acceptable time frame, to maximize the amount of power your system can generate.

Wind velocity is the number one factor in determining the amount of energy your system can create. An increase in wind speed from 10 MPH to 12 MPH will cause an 100% increase in power generation, so you want to make sure your system has the ability and the position to catch high wind speeds. Information on wind speed and velocity can be obtained using state wind maps, or by having a professional do a wind survey on the property.

For a quick estimate of your property's wind speed, you can measure the speed at ground level over the course of a few weeks. Generally, there are seven days of prevalent winds and three days of energy winds in a two week period. Most of a wind power system's energy is generated from energy wind. If the average ground level wind speed that you measure over the two week period is at least 8 MPH, a wind power system is most likely optimal for your property.

Another consideration is location. Your turbine should be 20 feet above the tallest tree, building, or other obstacle within a 400 ft radius to ensure that the wind reaching the turbines is smooth and strong. A good site for a turbine is on the highest, most exposed ground in an area to ensure that the wind coming through will hit the turbine with as much force as possible.

Along with wind speed and location, the turbine length will affect the potential output of the entire system. Shorter turbine blades will be cheaper and louder. They are designed to catch fast moving winds and generate as much energy as possible from them. When they are operating at a maximum speed, they can be very noisy. The bigger the turbine blade, the slower the wind that can be caught and used to generate energy. Large turbine blades can catch winds as slow as 8 MPH, and don't make as much noise, but they can cost tens of thousands of dollars in installation and maintenance.

To measure the potential output of a turbine, use this formula: 0.01328(D squared)(V Squared). The number is the air density, which doesn't vary much and so a single number can be used to provide an approximate answer. 'D' is the diameter of the turbine blade, and 'V' is the average annual wind velocity in MPH.

For example, a turbine blade which is 10 feet in diameter, placed in an area which receives 12 MPH average annual wind velocity, could produce approximately 2300 KWHyear of electricity. To get an idea of how much electricity that is, the average U.S. household uses 11,000 KWHyear. So a mid-sized wind turbine system in an optimal wind speed location can realistically provide 2.5 months' worth of renewable electricity to the home it powers.

The energy generating capacity of your wind power system should meet the needs of your household, whether that is providing all the electricity for the home or supplementing grid energy. Finding the correct location and size of wind power system is essential in meeting those needs and in driving your expectations for the system.
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There are many animal parks to be found the whole length of the Costa del Sol. They offer a great way to spend time, and get close to some of the most fascinating animals that inhabit the world we live in.

ALMUNECAR 锟?Tropical Bird Park
Loro Sexi tropical bird park was opened in 1987 and is now home to thousands of birds including swans, parrots, ducks, pigeons, macaws and even ostriches. During the summer, the park holds parrot shows throughout the day, a firm favourite with the kids, and there is also a cactus garden to explore.

ANTEQUERA 锟?Lobo Wolf Park
Lobo Wolf Park in Antequera is a unique nature experience and study park situated in the heart of Andalucia. The park has four large enclosures with European wolves, Timber wolves, rare white Alaska Tundra wolves and Iberian Wolves. It is also possible to take a riding tour on noble Andalucia horses around the park to enjoy the wonderful landscape.

BENALMADENA 锟?Garden of Eagles
The Garden of Eagles is clearly signposted and can be found at the Jardin de Las Aguilas in Benalmadena. It is open all year, but only in the afternoons. Altogether, there are over 160 birds of prey with displays held throughout the day by expert handlers. There is also a miniature castle and reptile sanctuary to explore.

Both the young and old will enjoy a day spent at Sea Life. The underwater passage is a great way to experience some of the more exotic Mediterranean aquatic life including sharks, rays, eels and much more. Sea Life offers some good information on our under-water world, and the opportunity to get close to some really fascinating creatures. There are regular feeding sessions throughout the day, popular with both children and adults alike.

SELWO Adventure Park in Estepona covers more than 100 hectares and is home to more than 2,000 roaming animals. The park is split into zones featuring different animals, with much to see on foot. There is a large lagoon populated with exotic birds including flamingos, and a huge enclosure where 40 different species of birds live freely. The park features animals from all over the world in enclosures that have been recreated to reflect their natural habitats. There are also many shows, classes and exhibi. Cheap Titans Jerseys   Cheap Steelers Jerseys   Cheap Seahawks Jerseys   Cheap Redskin Jerseys   Cheap Rams Jerseys   Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys   Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys   Wholesale Jets Jerseys   Wholesale Saints Jerseys   Wholesale New York Giants Jerseys

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