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Groups of hunters can use a technique

CARACAS Blank FLeicester City Jersey , June 15 (Xinhua) -- Venezuela's prosecutor-general announced Thursday the death of Luis Enrique Vera, 20, who was crushed to death during a protest in the city of Maracaibo, in the western state of Zulia.

Posted on Twitter, the statement said that a prosecutor in Zulia had been appointed to investigate the death of Vera.

The mayor of Maracaibo, Eveling de Rosales, also wrote on Twitter that Vera had been crushed "by the intolerance and the hatred that reigns in our country today."

She demanded "the full weight of the law for the person responsible."

According to local media reports, Vera was protesting outside the Rafael Belloso Chacin University in Maracaibo when he was crushed by a cargo truck.

The driver was arrested by state police and the vehicle was later burned by protesters.

Venezuela is currently facing its third month of protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, which have left at least 72 dead.

China launches space telescope to search for black holes, pulsars

Visitors watch creations at BRICS Media Joint Photography Exhibition

High-speed railway linking Xi'an and Chengdu to be put into operation

Lee Chong Wei misses his seventh title in Indonesia badminton super series

China successfully tests near-space flight of largest solar drone

Ancient tombs excavated in N China

Aerial view shows scenery in Hong Kong

Waxberry planting, fruit picking tours boost economy in China's Zhejiang

LONDON, March 24 (Xinhua) -- HSBC is to move its national headquarters from London to Britain's second largest city, Birmingham.

Britain's biggest bank announced Tuesday the new home for its national head office will be Arena Central, a new office and business enterprise complex in the heart of the Midland's city.

It will mean relocating at least 1,000 staff from the capital, in what is being described as the biggest investment deal in Birmingham for a generation.

The move is a response to the British Government's banking reforms which led to legislation being passed by parliament in 2013 to introduce ring-fencing into the banking sector to protect customers.

The move to Birmingham is expected to start as early as June, with the exercise to be completed by 2019, with officials from HSBC said to be in advanced negotiations about a 250-year lease on their new home.

Antonio Simoes, chief executive of HSBC U.K., said: "We want to be the bank of choice in the U.K.. Creating our ring-fenced bank head office in Birmingham gets us a step closer to that ambition for our 16 million personal and business customers.

"The city is close to London. Birmingham is a vibrant, growing city that has the expertise and infrastructure to support our ring-fenced bank."

The Birmingham Post in an editorial comment Tuesday said announcing Birmingham as the winner of a race to host a new headquarters for the bank was "the biggest deal of a generation for this city, but it will make waves stretching across Europe and beyond."

The Post said HSBC's decision follows the arrival in Birmingham of Germany's Deutsche Bank which has expanded rapidly in the city, turning the eyes of the banking world on Birmingham.

Engine valves are one of the most detailed parts of the entire engine. An essential part of the framework and construction of an internal combustion engine, the valves are prone to problems because of their common wear and tear, a number of fittings and pieces, and often, unobvious strain, burning, or breakage. However, the investigative work required to repair or replace an engine valve is necessary to keep your car running.

How Engine Valves Work
The modern vehicle uses an internal combustion engine to produce the horsepower needed to run the car, truck, or SUV. These engines run by burning gasoline, or a different source of fuel, inside the engine. The burning process is ignited by air the oxygen in the air and inherent combustion properties of gasoline. Therefore, for this process to work, both the fuel and air must be admitted, then trapped in the engine, and then released.

Both fuel and air enter the engine through valves. Today, vehicles either have two or four valves per cylinder. Of course, a single engine can have multiple cylinders, up to four, and that can mean 16 valves in a single vehicle.

When a single cylinder only has two valves, one is dedicated to intake of air and fuel into the engine, and the other is used exclusively for exhaust from the burned fuel-air mixture to exit the engine. Likewise, when a vehicle has a multi-valve engine, meaning four valves per cylinder, the valves are equally split in functionality and purpose.

The engine valves open and close approximately 2,500 times per minute to admit air and expel exhaust, just to ensure proper functioning of your vehicle.

Detecting Engine Valve Problems
The engine valve is constructed of more pieces and components, for example- Dixon Valve Fittings, than most people expect. The valve itself requires an entire valvetrain to operate properly. Among the list of parts in the valvetrain are the valve seats, guides, retainers, keepers, and pushrods. An issue with, or integration with, any of these smaller components can be manifest with the valve itself.

Knowing the underlying problem is frequently a difficult and time-consuming task. Because the valves are necessary to keep the engine running, careful inspection of the engine valves and their components is required.

Whether you have two or four valves in a cylinder, these small pieces of your engine undergo an immense amount of pressure when the engine is running. Common problems with the valves include bending, breaking, and burning. All can lead to entire engine failure.

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