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Optimum use of resources

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BUCHAREST, May 29 (Xinhua) -- President of Romania's Rugby Federation Alin Petrache was elected Thursday to the position of president of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR).

Petrache won the COSR presidency for a two-year term and is to replace Octavian Morariu, who held the office since 2004.

Petrache garnered 143 votes out of 202 valid ballots, in the first round of elections held on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Olympic national body.

His rivals the world-class gymnastics coach Octavian Belu and 5-time Olympic champion rower Elisabeta Lipa reaped 33 and 21 votes, respectively.

"I did not win against anyone. I very much respect Mr. Bellu and Ms. Lipa. Their presence in Romania's Olympic Team is vital for obtaining good results in Rio, and in the coming competitions," he said after the elections.

Petrache, nearly 38, graduated in 1999 from the National Academy of Physical Education in Bucharest and earned later a PhD in Physical Education and Sports.

He was deputy Secretary-general of the Romanian Olympic Sports Committee between 2005 and 2008; as of 2009 he has held the presidency of the Romanian Rugby Federation; between May 2012-January 2013, he was vice President of the National Authority for Sport and Youth.

Petrache is also a deputy of the parliament, as he won a seat at the parliamentary elections in 2012.

Octavian Morariu resigned in mid April from his post as COSR chairman to avoid activity overload, given the other programmes he has in the International Olympic Committee and in the European Rugby Association.

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Five simple aids for choosing a tutor:-
1. Understanding the requirements.
Before you start your quest for a tutor, it is important to make a checklist of the requirements. Here is a possible list of factors to evaluate –
What all the grounds you want to cover in study whether in all subjects, or in a particular subject?
How much time should be spent?
How to get gel with the teaching style?
Counselling or guiding which is important?
Location and money being the last thing to remember in requirement.

2. Proper sourced & qualified Tutor.
The best way to obtain a list of available and trained tutors in your area is by performing a simple search on www.eduvisor.in Compare academic degrees, teaching style, experience, pricing, location, and customer testimonials of the tutors listed in your subject category. Assess the available profiles against your basic selection criteria and shortlist five to six potential tutors.

3. Initiate contact and make preliminary enquiries
The next step is to initiate contact by emailing the shortlisted tutors. Fill the contact form visible against the tutor’s profile on eduvisor.in.
Feel free to ask for as much information as you want from the tutor. If you need assistance in preparing for a competitive exam, find out how many of the tutor’s students have qualified the particular exam. Seek references, so that you can speak to them and get first hand reviews about the tutor. Here is a list of possible questions to ask:

Imy child is appearing for…..exams in ….2014-15, how do you think you can help?
How long do you expect it would take to complete the course?
What is your availability, and where do you teach (at home, child’s home, tuition centre)?
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