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Are you thinking about going skiing or snowboarding this Winter ? If you are an experienced winter sports enthusiast then you can't wait for news of the first snow falls in your favorite resort. However if you are new to skiing or snowboarding it is often a bit confusing about what sort of gear and clothing you need to do these sports. This article will focus on the types of ski and snowboard clothing you need and why you need them. It will not cover the gear ECCO Hombre Biarritz Classic Wing Tip Leather Marrón España , like skis or a snowboard, but will point out that most beginners generally rent these types of equipment to begin with. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, they may not like the sport so they don't want a near new pair of skis gathering dust in the loft. And secondly ECCO Ian High Botas Cocoa Marrón España , it costs a bit of money to buy all this equipment so you want to try before you buy so to speak. Ski and snowboarding clothing is different though as most places don't hire out clothing (Although some hire out jackets and pants),it is not that expensive and it can be used in everyday life.

The key to dressing for the snow is to wear layers. This means wear three layers of clothing so that body generated heat is trapped in the layers and insulates you from the cold. Again, this is something that you need to experience for yourself as some people are more sensitive to the cold than others. If you don't feel the cold you may only need two layers but for best results and if you suffer from the cold it is best to have three layers of clothing.

The first layer is the underwear. People that are sensitive to cold weather may opt for the long john type underwear. It's come a long way from when your grandpa used to wear it and although it will never be considered sexy it keeps the body warm. If you don't feel the cold ECCO Hombre Intrinsic Tr Run Negras España , ordinary underwear is fine. Socks are another important part of the base layer. The feet are sensitive to the cold and it is important that they are not dulled by the cold because they will be working the hardest when you are skiing or snowboarding. Get thick, water proof socks. Avoid cotton socks that will absorb water and go for woolen socks as they will resist the water and keep your feet warm.

The next layer is important because it traps the heat that your body generates between the base layer. The second layer is generally a fleece top or woolen sweater. There are a number of sleeveless fleeces that are available that can be added or removed easily if you are getting too cold or hot. The fleece top protects the heart and lungs where most of the body's heat is generated.

The last layer is the outer layer that is exposed to the elements. This is your snow jacket and pants. The three qualities you need in a snow jacket are water resistant, warmth and adequate ventilation. A jacket with an inner lining will provide more warmth. The material used will determine how water resistant it is. And most modern snow jackets are designed to provide some form of ventilation so that you don't become sweaty.

In terms of pants they should also be water proof. For snowboard pants they should have some form of padding in the rear end and around the knees. They can be standard ECCO Hombre Intrinsic Tr Mid Negras España , waist fastened pants or the dungaree type pants that fasten over the shoulder, known as salopettes.

Other items that you can't do without are gloves, head wear ECCO Hombre Intrinsic 3 Leather Negras España , a scarf and eye protection.

Like you feet, your hands really feel the cold. They are also touching the snow or carrying your board or skis so they need to stay warm. Gloves are essential.

Your body loses most of it's heat through the head so you want to prevent this by having a snow hat

Goggles or sunglasses are essential to prevent eye strain from the sun's glare off of the snow.

A scarf is useful to protect your neck and can be used to cover your face if it starts to snow or gets blustery.

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