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MasterCard Visa create group to help push for greater card security Silas Mueller
Submitted 2014-03-14 02:24:42 MasterCard Wholesale Marquise Goodwin Jersey , Visa create group in order to push for greater card security

Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc said that they had launched a cross-industry group to improve security for card transactions and press U.S. retailers and banks to satisfy a 2015 deadline to embrace technologies that will make it safer to pay with plastic.

The move follows a number of data breaches at U.S. retailers, such as one at Target Corp late last year involving the theft of about 40 million credit and debit card records.

The new group - which includes banks, credit unions, retailers and industry trade associations - will initially focus on the adoption of 'EMV' chip technologies, MasterCard and Visa said in a statement on Friday..

EMV cards, already used in Europe and Asia, store information on computer chips instead of on conventional magnetic strips Wholesale Robbie Gould Jersey , making them harder to counterfeit.

They can also require - depending on the issuer - that customers enter a personal identification number, or PIN, to make purchases, adding an extra layer of security.

However, the National Retail Federation, the world's biggest retail trade association, said it hadn't joined the group because there were no plans to immediately implement the PIN option Wholesale Pierre Garcon Jersey , making for a "half-baked solution."

"They're not serious about decreasing fraud, unless they put a pin on," said Mallory Duncan, the NRF's general counsel.

"We remain insistent that U.S. retailers' customers be given the same protections as consumers in more than 80 nations who've both a chip and a PIN securing their credit and debit cards," Duncan said in a statement.

Visa and MasterCard declined to supply details on specific proposals for the technology to be utilized in the cards or the make-up of the cross-industry group.

The American Bankers Association didn't respond to requests for comment but Patrick Keefe, a spokesman for the Credit Union National Association, confirmed that the trade association was part of the industry group.

"The recent high-profile breaches have served as a catalyst for much needed collaboration between the retail and financial services industry on the issue of payment security Wholesale Elvis Dumervil Jersey ," Visa President Ryan McInerney said in the statement.


MasterCard and Visa had already set a deadline of October 2015 for U.S. retailers to adopt the new payment technologies.

"Probably about 80 % plus of the larger retailers were going to be able to make the deadline anyways," said David Robertson, publisher of payment industry newsletter The Nilson Report. Robertson said the formation of the group would help push small and mid-size retailers to adopt the new technologies.

Banks and retailers have been dragging their feet over the upgrade, at odds over how the costs could be split.

The NRF has said it could cost the U.S. retail industry about $30 billion to upgrade to chip-based cards, including equipment, training and software.

"Banks and retailers want to make certain that if they invest in new infrastructure, they'll get the return in reduced fraud Wholesale Eli Harold Jersey ," Wedbush Securities analyst Gil Luria told Reuters.

MasterCard and Visa said the group would also address security issues with mobile and online transactions. One proposed solution is for traditional account numbers to be replaced by a unique digital payment code.

Target said last month it was accelerating a $100 million program to implement the use of chip-enabled smart cards to shield against cyber threats, with a objective to have the technology in place by early 2015.

"In the aftermath of the Target breach, security is on the minds of executives in the way it hasn't been in a extremely long time," Robertson said. "This is a classic example of attempting to strike whilst the iron is hot."

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