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she can do if she has problems

It is important to all parents and caregivers who have young children to be able to take a break away from the children and go out together. I can remember the first time we got a baby sitter for our little baby girl. We went somewhere close in case we needed to rush home. We weren't needed Custom Maple Leafs Jerseys , but the anticipation of all that could go wrong was with us. We have five daughters and the nice thing is it got easier with each child for us to leave and have a fun night out together without bringing the baby with us in our minds and exclusively in our conversations. We knew we had a babysitter who took good care of our children.

There are some things that can and must be done which will relieve your minds about leaving your children with others and will help them to be the best sitter possible for your child.

Always have an informational interview with the prospective sitter before hiring them. Even if you know their parents or other children they have cared for take time to get to know them yourself to see if they will be a good fit for your children. Find out the sitters age, interests, and experience and get references to check later. Share with them your expectations of what you look for in a baby sitter. (Only tending the children or also tidying up the house and in some cases doing the dishes after the children are in bed etc.).

After you have hired a new babysitter allow 30 minutes before you need to leave the house to take time to do the following:
?Tour your home
*Show her where everything is she'll need during the time she is tending.
*Discuss your house rules and expectations. Let her know there are some things she is NEVER to do?.
*Never allow strangers into the house. This means you never have repairmen or anyone else scheduled to come to your home when you aren't there.
*Never tell a caller that you are the babysitter home alone with the children.They are to take a message and tell the person calling that you will return their call when you can.
*Never go outside to investigate suspicious noises or activities. Turn on outside lights and CALL THE POLICE. Be sure that all the doors and windows are locked. (Doors and windows should be locked as soon as you leave).
?Show her what food she can and cannot eat.
?Tell her what foods the children can eat and where they can eat.
?Discuss your TV, computer and phone rules.
?If you allow your babysitter to have a visitor, discuss your expectations.
?Show her the children's rooms and where she can find their clothing and toys.
?Discuss bed time and what she can do if she has problems with the child not wanting to go to bed.
*If you have a pool, you decide whether the children are allowed to swim while you are away. Unless the babysitter is trained in lifeguard skills, don't allow swimming. Emphasize the critical importance of protecting the children from pool dangers.
?Show her where the basic first aid kit is kept.
?If your child is taking medicine, write the instructions and dosages on each child's medication and instruct her on giving any medication. Discuss any of your child's allergies and how to handle an allergy reaction.
?Demonstrate using the home alarm system and leave written instructions.
?Skip baths as there are two risks in the tub: drowning and burns from scalding water.
?Go over the house rules to avoid any confusion
?Prohibit smoking

Babysitters who do a good job tending your children need to be rewarded with good pay. Let them know when you hire them how much you pay.

Here is a baby sitter check list with some suggestions of the type of instructions to give; it can help you remember everything you want to tell the sitter and is a resource for her to refer to:


* (Parent's names):___________________
* Our home address:_________________
* Our home phone:# _________________
* (Mother's name here)cell phone #:
* (Father's name here) cell phone #:

* (Name of friends): FriendsHome #_____________________
* (Her) Cell# __________________(His) Cell# _____________
* (Name of friends): FriendsHome# ____________________
* (Her) Cell #____________________(His) Cell #____________

* (Name)(relationship to parents) Phone# _________________
* (Name) (relationship to parents) Phone #________________

* Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
* PoliceFire Dept: 911

* Consulting Nurse: _________________________________
* Insurance Company: _____________ Group#: _________
* Childs Name: _________________ ID# ______________
* Policy Holder's Name: ______________________________
* Instructions: ___________________________________________
* Location of ER if need to go to the hospital :_(North side, west wing etc. If you have an adult sitting for you when you are out of town)___________________
* Address ____________________
* Phone #_____________________

We will be at:
Place: __________________________
Address: ________________________
Phone #: _______________________ (if applicable)

(Child's name) Typical Routine: E.A.S.Y These are sample instructions if you are going to be gone overnight.

You: You time?

Eat: Eats dinner around 6p.m6:30

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