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Mattingly Expects To Return To Dodgers - RealGM Wiretap
Don Mattingly nike air max 95 dyn fw homme , who signed a three-year contract extension last winter, says he expects to return to the Los Angeles Dodgers and would be surprised if Ned Colletti wasn't retained as well.

Dodgers president Stan Kasten said he wouldn't comment on any potential personnel changes until early next week.

"I came to work today like every other meeting," Mattingly said. "Nobody's told me anything differently."

Mattingly and Colletti are believed to be under intense scrutiny after the Dodgers entered the 2014 season with a major league-record $235 million payroll and bowed out in the NLDS.

"I think we all expected to be playing still," Kasten said.

United Wins 4 0 In Giggs First Match As Manager - RealGM Wiretap

Manchester United defeated Norwich 4-0 in Ryan Giggs' first match as interim manager.

"The first half we were a little bit slow, but I just reminded them that the tempo needs to be quicker and they reacted well to that.

"I didn't sleep last night [because of the team selection]. Players on the bench, leaving the likes of Juan Mata out of the starting XI was a difficult decision and a position I've never been put in before. And it was really tough. I'm interim manager but I'm also one of their teammates nike air max 95 ultra jacquard homme , so it was tough to leave them out.

"But you've seen the response of Juan. That's a true professional, to not moan and not sulk and come on and perform like he did."

Giggs also insisted that he hasn't given any thought to the future and whether he will argue his case to become manager on a full-time basis.

"It's not something that I'm thinking of at the moment, just these four games. It's taken so much out of me this week that I've not really had time to look too far into the future. My next job now is to get the players ready for Sunderland.

"All of us have let ourselves down this year. We haven't played to the ability we're capable of. Every time you play for United you have to keep to that standard and the standard that we set today was excellent."

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Article From Article Directory Database ? Field hockey is performed on gravel, natural lawn, sand based or water based artificial turf, with a little, hard ball. The game is well liked amidst both males and females in many components of the world nike air max 95 solde , especially in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa. In most countries, the game is performed between single sex edges, while they can be mixed sex. The ruling body is the 116 member International Hockey Federation (FIH). Men s Field hockey has been performed at each summer Olympic Games since 1908 (except 1912 and 1924) nike air max 98 supreme a vendre , while Women s Field Hockey has been performed each summer Olympic Games since 1980. Modern area hockey twigs are J shaped and assembled of a composite of timber, glass fibre or carbon fibre (sometimes both) and have a bent snare at the playing end, a flat exterior on the playing edge and bent exterior on the back side. While present area hockey appeared in the mid 18th 100 years in England, mainly in schools, it was not until the first half of the 19th 100 years that it became solidly established. The first association was conceived in 1849 at Blackheath in south east London. Field hockey is the nationwide games of India and Pakistan[1]. Ice hockey is performed on a large flat locality of ice, utilising a three inch (76.2 mm) diameter vulcanized rubber computer disc called a puck. This puck is often frozen before high level games to decline the allowance of rebounding and friction on the ice. The game is challenged between two groups of skaters. The game is performed.

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